Metal processing

The technology of plasma cutting allows for the punching of large and thick elements from steel sheets. This solution is most frequently used in large steel constructions. In order to provide a complete service, we also offer this type of working for our clients.

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Rolling is the most widespread method of machining. It is based on separating a layer of material from the object being worked on using a turning tool, with the object being in motion, and the turning tool being stationary. We render rolling services for smaller elements on the spot. However, we offer large and complicated elements in cooperation with subcontractors.

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Milling is the technological opposite to rolling. The product is stationary, and the tool, called a milling cutter, is in motion. Milling makes it possible to form grooves, channels, shaped surfaces and toothings. We are able to supply you with milling of various shapes. We can perform milling of the following materials: black steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and wood.

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In response to numerous queries from our clients, we also offer steel cutting with a jet of water. This technology is used in the case of materials that are difficult to work – thick, hard, brittle, thin, etc.

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