Wire products

In the cutting process we operate wire in dimension from ø 1,65 mm to ø 12,00 mm. On top of standard processing, we also perform chamfering and flat wire cutting. We cut materials from coils as well as straight sections. For cutting process we mostly use “Wafios” machines.

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Wire bending is performed on automatic CNC machines. Thanks to that, bending process is run faster, more precisely and secure high repeatability of final products. Fully automatic machines enable us bending wire in dimension between ø 2,00 mm and ø 13,00 mm. While half-automatic machines bend wire up to ø 12,00 mm. We work on "Robomac", “Macsoft” and “Whitelegg” CNC benders.

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In pressing process we use automatic CNC machines as well as traditional eccentric & hydraulic presses or press brakes. Our forming process is composed of such operations as cutting, hole punching, flattening, moulding.

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We make spot welding products either in fully automatic, half-automatic or traditional way. We weld wires, bars and flat bars in dimension from ø 1,65 mm to ø 12,00 mm. Sheet metal can also be welded in ITC. In our extended machinery park there are spot and multispot welding machines like “Esab”, “Cemsa”, “Kemppi”, “ASPA” and “Schllater”. We also own very efficient automatic welding machines for wire (IDEAL, VARO, CLIFFORD). Using them, we are able to produce nets in 1000 x 2000 mm dimension.

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We perform welding of mild and stainless steel. We are professionals in following methods: MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) in gas cover, which provide the highest quality of joints.

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Depending on our customer wish, we render comprehensive assembling services of montage, riveting, screwing etc. We arrange for bulk and unit packaging, such as plastic bags and paper boxes. We also provide product stickers and stocking in our warehouse when required.

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 In ITC we posses fully automatic wire chamfering machine. The machine works with wires from 2,0mm up to 10,0mm. Minimum length of chamfered wire is 80mm, and maximum is even up to 2000mm!!  Depending on wire diameter the machine efficiency is up to 4.500pcs / hour.

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